What Causes Cholesterol Levels to Rise?

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This is true for those with high cholesterol levels, a condition that can cause many problems throughout the body and lead to worse patient outcomes. However, you don't have to let it, and our team can help.

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What is high cholesterol?

High cholesterol is a chronic condition that affects a surprising portion of the population. Based on figures from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), around 94 million American adults aged 20 or over have borderline high cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol is vital to the body and produced by the liver to aid in the synthesis of hormones and vitamin D, and to assist in the building of the cell membranes that are crucial. Yet, if too much of this fatty substance (it's transported through the bloodstream with the aid of specialized proteins) accumulates, various potentially serious issues can occur, including heart disease and stroke.

Among the biggest dangers is that high cholesterol may not produce noticeable symptoms. Therefore, many individuals may not even know that their cholesterol levels could be at dangerous levels. So to pre-empt problems and avoid a more severe outcome, it's recommended that individuals ask their physicians whether or not cholesterol screening may be necessary. And that's one of the steps we take at Gard Wellness Solutions to help guard your health.

What causes cholesterol levels to rise?

One factor that affects cholesterol levels is genetics. Some people may have inherited a genetic predisposition for higher cholesterol, as genes control how the body processes and produces different substances.

However, many cholesterol-based factors are very much in your control. As with many chronic conditions, overall health plays a huge role. One significant aspect appears to be diet, and those who overconsume fats are likelier to display a rise in cholesterol levels. Obesity is also influential, as are other disorders, including diabetes and hypothyroidism. Furthermore, those who lead sedentary lifestyles or smoke are more likely to showcase elevated cholesterol levels.

Given the previous factors, we're dedicated to improving your well-being through strategies you can employ daily. These include dietary alterations, including the addition of leaner foods, as well as nutrient-rich options such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Enacting an exercise regimen will also have a positive impact – and it doesn't have to be anything extreme; just a short daily walk, a yoga session, or other light exercises can have meaningful effects. In addition to education, lifestyle coaching, and support, we're also happy to offer medication management services to increase your wellness from all angles.

Manage your cholesterol levels and improve your life

Getting control over and managing a potentially chronic condition like high cholesterol can change your life. With more healthful habits, including dietetic alterations and exercise, patients look and feel better. Controlling your cholesterol can have life-changing results, and we're here to help. So, if you live near Orlando, Miami, Boca Raton, Jupiter, or Wellington, FL, contact us today at Gard Wellness Solutions in West Palm Beach, FL.

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