Medically Assisted Weight Loss in West Palm Beach, FL

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What Is Medical Weight Loss?

No matter how old or young you are, carrying excess weight takes a toll on the body and can lead to a large number of health problems and complications over time. Whether you're classified as overweight, obese, morbidly obese, or are within a normal range but still have some weight you would like to lose, our team at Gard Wellness Solutions is here to help. Losing weight on your own can be hard and may lead you to develop unhealthy habits. But when you place your trust in a capable team, we can give you all of the tools and guidance you need to achieve your goals in a healthy way. When you're ready to begin your weight loss journey, give our office in West Palm Beach, FL a call.

Am I A Candidate For Medical Weight Loss?

A personalized medical weight loss treatment program at Gard Wellness Solutions can benefit both men and women who are struggling to lose those extra pounds. Typical candidates are:

  • 18 — 65 years old
  • Haven't achieved results with diet and exercise alone
  • Have a BMI (body mass index) of 30 or higher
  • Have a BMI of 27 or higher with a weight-related condition (diabetes, heart disease, etc.)
  • Want to lose 20 or more pounds
  • Are ready to make a positive change

How Is medical weight loss performed?

Once you've decided that you're ready to begin your medical weight loss journey, you will attend a consultation with a member of our team. During this appointment, we will perform a thorough assessment of your current health and learn about your needs and goals. This may require having blood work taken and determining your underlying cause of weight gain. Using this information, we will design a personalized weight loss program based on your nutrition, diet, and exercise needs. We may also prescribe appetite-suppressant medications or offer Vitamin B12 injections and other types of injections.

Medical Weight Loss FAQ

How is medical weight loss different than a normal diet plan?

A medical weight loss program is personalized for your health and weight loss goals by an experienced doctor. It will include a diet and exercise plan supported by metabolic testing and diagnostics, nutritional supplements. This may include appetite-suppressant medications or other injections to help you reach your target weight.

Is medical weight loss safe?

When medical weight loss is directed and supervised by experienced physicians like our team of doctors at Gard Wellness Solutions, it is very safe and effective. Your directing doctor will formulate a customized plan that takes into account your personal health needs, monitor and manage your progress, make adjustments if necessary, and provide the direction and encouragement to help you safely reach your weight loss goals.

Does medical weight loss work?

One of the major stumbling blocks of regular diets is that you're doing it on your own. With a medical weight loss program at Gard Wellness Solutions, you'll have the support and expertise of an experienced physician. They'll help design your plan for optimal results, monitor your progress, and help ensure that your stay on track to reach your goal. Many patients have used medical weight loss to successfully shed stubborn pounds when normal dieting and exercise programs have failed to achieve the desired results.

Losing Weight The Healthy Way

Losing weight can be incredibly difficult and requires the utmost effort and care, but with our team's help, you don't have to do it alone. Bryan Gard, PA-C and his team at Gard Wellness Solutions are here to help you achieve your health and body goals using only healthy and effective approaches. If you're ready to take on your weight loss journey with a team of medical professionals at your side, contact our office in West Palm Beach, FL, and schedule your consultation.

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