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What Are Health Care Screenings?

Health screenings are vital preventive measures that involve tests, assessments, or examinations designed to detect potential health issues early, often before symptoms appear. These proactive evaluations in West Palm Beach, FL help identify risk factors, monitor existing conditions, and ensure timely interventions. Screenings encompass a range of health aspects, from cholesterol levels and blood pressure to cancer screenings and diabetes checks. By undergoing regular screenings, individuals can make informed decisions about their well-being, catch diseases at more manageable stages, and work closely with our team at Gard Wellness Solutions to develop personalized health plans.

common Screenings We Provide

  • Blood pressure screening
  • Cancer screening
  • Cholesterol screening
  • Diabetes screening
  • STD/HPV screening
  • Flu and strep testing
  • Complete health and wellness screening
  • PPD test
  • Urinalysis
  • EKG

**We are not a testing center for COVID-19.**

What are the benefits of health care screenings?

Health care screenings are important to preserving and improving your overall health. During a health care screening, any medical concerns can be diagnosed as soon as possible before they develop any further. This can then allow for less invasive and more effective treatment options. Contact Gard Wellness Solutions today to learn more or to schedule a health care screening. 

Am I a good candidate for health care screenings?

At Gard Wellness Solutions, our health care screenings cover a wide range of preventive and diagnostic functions. Many of our West Palm Beach, FL patients qualify for these screenings, depending on the original diagnosis and treatment plan proposed by your provider. If your primary care provider at Gard Wellness Solutions has recommended testing or screenings for you, look no further than our extensive list of screening opportunities. By providing in-house screenings, we make it easy for you to receive all the care you need and make sure your provider is involved in every step of your health care plan. Contact our office today with any additional questions you may have.

How Are Health Care Screenings Performed?

Health care screenings at Gard Wellness Solutions are crucial preventive measures designed to detect potential health issues before symptoms become apparent. These screenings range from blood pressure and cholesterol checks to comprehensive cancer and diabetes screenings. By participating in these evaluations, individuals can make informed decisions about their health, catch diseases at more manageable stages, and collaborate with our team to create personalized health plans. Regular screenings can lead to early detection, less invasive treatment options, and a proactive approach to maintaining and improving overall health.

What should I expect after health care screenings?

After your screening at Gard Wellness Solutions, you are free to return to your everyday life. Our screening options are noninvasive and pain-free, with the most intense part being a blood draw for some select screening options. If you have any concerns about needles, please discuss prior to testing with your provider. Your wait time for results can vary, with some results available nearly immediately and others taking a few days or weeks to return.

Health Care Screenings FAQ

How long does it take to get the results of a health care screening?

Some results can be almost instant, like a blood pressure screening. Other screenings that require lab work or special testing may take longer, with many lab results able to be returned within two weeks. During your consultation, we can talk to you about the different return times of our various health care screenings.

Does a health care screening hurt?

No, most of the testing isn’t even invasive. Other health screenings require a blood draw, so that means a small amount of blood needs to be taken via syringe. But even a blood draw causes only minor discomfort and is over quickly.

How often should I get a health care screening?

The majority of physicians and medical professionals suggest yearly physical exams, especially for women over the age of 21. During a routine exam, we may recommend various types of screenings depending on your current health and/or symptoms. Health care screenings can be done any time you are experiencing concerning symptoms or simply want to gain peace of mind.

How should I prepare for a health care screening?

Our staff will provide specific instructions based on the type of screening. This may include fasting before a blood test or special preparations for certain diagnostic procedures.

What happens if a screening indicates a problem?

If a screening suggests an issue, our team will discuss the results with you and recommend further tests or treatments as needed. Early intervention is key to managing health conditions effectively.

Take Care of Your Health

At Gard Wellness Solutions, we believe your health and well-being are important. We are proud to support our patients by offering health care screenings that include diagnostic services as well as routine and preventive care. Schedule your appointment at our West Palm Beach, FL office and take the first step toward a healthier, happier future.

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