What Should Patients Avoid After Dysport® Injections?

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When it comes to achieving a more youthful appearance, wrinkle relaxers like Dysport® injections have gained immense popularity. These treatments, similar to BOTOX®, help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, providing a rejuvenated and smoother complexion. However, patients should be mindful of particular precautions to ensure the best possible results and minimize potential side effects. Keep reading to discover what patients should avoid after Dysport injections at Gard Wellness Solutions in West Palm Beach, FL, ensuring a successful and satisfying outcome. 

Limit facial manipulation 

After receiving Dysport injections, avoiding excessive manipulation of the treated area is crucial. Patients near Orlando, Miami, Boca Raton, and Jupiter, FL should refrain from rubbing, massaging, or applying pressure to the injected sites for at least 24 hours. These actions can cause the toxin to spread to unintended areas, leading to unwanted side effects or uneven results. Instead, allow the product to settle naturally, allowing it time to work its magic and help achieve the desired wrinkle-reducing effects. 

Steer clear of strenuous activities 

Engaging in strenuous physical activities or exercise routines right after Dysport injections can have undesirable side effects. Elevated heart rate and excessive sweating can potentially impact the diffusion of the injected product, compromising the desired outcome. It is advisable to avoid intense workouts, hot yoga sessions, or any activities that may cause excessive perspiration for the first 24 to 48 hours post-treatment. 

Avoid blood-thinning medications and supplements 

Certain medications and supplements have blood-thinning properties, which can increase the risk of bruising and bleeding at the injection site. To minimize these risks, patients should consult with their healthcare provider before undergoing Dysport injections. It is crucial to disclose any medications, including over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, or herbal supplements, to ensure the best course of action. Following the practitioner's advice will help minimize potential complications and optimize results. 

Say no to alcohol and smoking 

In the days leading up to and following Dysport injections, patients should abstain from alcohol and smoking. Both alcohol and nicotine can adversely affect the body's healing process, impede blood circulation, and increase the risk of bruising. To facilitate a speedy recovery and reduce the likelihood of complications, it is best to steer clear of these substances for at least 48 hours or as the practitioner advises. 

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Dysport® injections offer an effective solution for reducing wrinkles and achieving a more youthful appearance. Patients near Jupiter, Wellington, Boca Raton, or Miami must adhere to certain guidelines to maximize the benefits and minimize potential risks. Avoiding facial manipulation, refraining from strenuous activities, disclosing medications and supplements, and abstaining from alcohol and smoking are all crucial steps to ensure optimal results. 

At Gard Wellness Solutions in West Palm Beach, FL, our experienced practitioners provide personalized care and guidance throughout treatment. By following these precautions, patients can enjoy the effects of Dysport injections and maintain a vibrant and refreshed appearance. Call our office today to find out more about our post-Dysport instructions to help you get ideal results.

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